Home Decor


Decorating a playroom is an exciting and challenging project where we get to unleash our hidden creativity. But sometimes our long-kept creative juices are not enough to get the job done, so we need another source of inspiration that will serve as a blueprint to help us complete our little decorating mission.

Here are a couple of creative children’s playroom ideas from buying rugs online to kids furniture that both you and your little one are definitely going to appreciate:

Paint with their favourite colours

Have you noticed that most play areas utilise bright colours for their walls, toys and decorations? That’s because those types of colours are more appealing for kids. Using bright colours is a great idea if you want to give your little one’s playroom a fun and lively atmosphere. But painting the walls with their favourite bright colour is an even better idea.

Use stick-on wall decals

With their cool feature which allows them to be easily removable without leaving any residue, stick-on wall decals are an excellent kind of decoration that gives parents enough flexibility for when they are decorating. Apart from that, wall decals also come in many awesome designs, so surely there is a specific decal that will appeal to your little one.

Install child-friendly flooring

Playrooms can often get messy with all of the playing and enjoying going on. It is a warzone that sees a lot of drink spills, food mishaps, dirt streaks, and toy scratching. For that reason, your little one’s playroom needs child-friendly flooring that is durable enough to withstand almost all kinds of accidents, from stains to scratches and is also capable of adding a touch of beauty to the space. Laminate floors and polyester carpets are some examples of such flooring type.

Get a child-friendly rug

If you cannot afford to replace the existing flooring of your child’s playroom with kid-friendly flooring, then you should get a rug. But not just any rug. You need to get a large rug that is easy to clean, durable, and cosy, such as cotton, acrylic and polypropylene rugs. Set the entire area occupied by the rug as the designated play area in order to protect the rest of the room’s flooring from potential accidents. Oh, and you’ll also love the fact that these rugs are available in many different designs that are oh-so wonderful.

Add decorative shelves

Decorative shelves are a brilliant kind of playroom décor that can add a nice little creative touch to the space and provide a good amount of storage space. Whether it’s a bookcase, a floating shelf, or a free-standing shelf – you can place toys and books on them, or display cute decorations to further amplify the aesthetics of the room.

Don’t forget tables

Tables are an essential piece for a child’s playroom. Without tables, your kids won’t have a spot where they can perform a wide range of activities, such as draw their favourite cartoon character, do a little craft project, or play tea with their buddies. Plus, tables are needed for snack time. Just remember to place the table on top of the rug in order to give everything balance (and also to protect the floors).