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Financial Report 2006 - 2007
Respected Principal, Medical Superintendent and Patron of Lady Hardinge Alumni Association Dr.G.K. Sharma , President of Lady Hardinge Alumni Association Dr. Sharda Jain and other office bearers, distinguished guests, senior colleagues and my dear friends. I feel privileged to present before you the audited report of accounts of LHAA for the financial year 2005-2006

As per audited report for financial year 2005-2006 ending on 31st March 2006, the amount receipt was of Rs. 2 lakh 21 thousand as compared to Rs. 1 lakh 78 thousand in the last financial year and 1 lakh 95 thousand in last to last financial year.

Dr. Swarg Garg
The expenditure incurried during this financial year was of Rs.1 lakh 45 thousand - leading to a net gain of Rs. 75 thousand.

During the year 2005-06, there was a addition of 70 new life members to the folds of LHAA leading to an increase of Rs.70,000 in the life membership fund. It raised the amount from 4 lakh 85 thousand to 5 lakh 55 thousand.

Friends, these was an addition of rupees one lakh to corpus fund and Rs. Seventy thousand to award fund courtesy 1980 alumni batch . In total the association had Rs.12 lakh as fixed deposits with CBI which includes corpus fund, award and scholarship fund, oration fund and membership fund.

Through the interest of this money, association is at present giving scholarships to 13 needy and deserving students of our Alma Mater.

On 31st March 2006, the association had Rs. 4 lakh and 25 thousand in the savings account with Central Bank of India.
Now coming to the highlights of the unaudited report of the year 2006 - 2007. Till date there is an addition of 87 new life members. This year, there is an influx of young hardonians in the folds of LHAA. Credit goes to our president Dr. Sharda Jain and Hon. Secretary Dr. AmitaRawal who masterminded the seminar on "Carrier Options after MBBS" for the students and interns of LHMC. I hope we will continue with such activities in future as well.

This is for your information that Rs.2.5 lakh from saving account has been shifted to the fixed deposit. So now the total fix deposits are of Rs.14.5 lakhs. The scholarship amount to each students has been increased to Rs.700/month from Rs.500/month keeping the rising cost of living.

Friends, you will be happy to know that one of our NRI aluminus Dr. Madhu Nigam nee Shrivastava who has settled in U.S has donated 9100 dollars amounting to Rs.4 lakh 18 thousand to our corpus fund. New scholarship on her behalf are instituted to students from 2007 batch onwards.

You see, people find ways and means to pay back to their alma-mater. I request all of you to come forward and donate generously to the corpus fund so that association can undertake more and more social, cultural and academic activities and add glory to the Alma mater.

Please encourage all your fellow hardonians to join our association and bring life to the association.

Thank you very much.
Dr. Swaraj Garg