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Donation for Scholarships/Awards
Scholarships can be started in the name of Donor.
It requires a Scholarship donation form , Undertaking duly signed and Cheque Payable to LHMC Alumni Association
Donor is advised to go through the forms, criteria for merit cum means selection in scholarship section of website ( ) to understand the procedure.
Office bearers of Alumni may be contacted for further assistance
LHMC alumni association gives awards & medals to meritorious students. Donations are accepted as
Rs. 25,000/- for one medal for 10 years
Rs. 1 Lac for one student’s education @ Rs. 1500/- per month
Rs. 3 Lacs for one running scholarships @ Rs. 1500/- per month
List of Awards given by the Association each year.
S.No. Name of Awards
1. Dr Mohinder Nath Memorial Medal for Best Graduate Surgery.
2. Smt Leelawati Rajor Medal for Best Graduate Surgery Practical.
3. Dr Praveena Sachdeva Medal for Best Graduate O&G.
4. Shanti Devi & Balakrishan Memorial Medal for Best Graduate PSM.
5. Sardar Mukand Singh Memorial Medal for Best Graduate Medicine.
6. Dr Shakuntala Sabharwal & Dr Rajinder Nath memorial prize for Best Student in O&G Practical.
7. Dr Krishan Sohan Singh Memorial Medal for Best Graduate.
8. North American Alumni Association Medal for Best Graduate in ENT.
9. Sh Pran Nath & Smt Shanti Devi Sharma Medal for Best Graduate in Ophthalmology.
10. Taneja Foundation Award for Best Under Graduate in Microbiology.
11. Mrs Kamala Bajaj Prize for Best Student in Pathology.
12. Dr Sumedha khanna Award for Anatomy.
13. Shri Satya Paul Sabharwal Award for Best Contribution toward LHMC Alumni.
14. 1979 Batch Silver Jubilee batch instituted 4 cash Awards for 10 years (2006-2015), for students
Meriting 1st in 1st Prof, 2nd Prof, 3rd Prof and Prof Final.
15. 1980 batch 1st 8 in DPMT students admitted to LHMC (started from 2006).
16. Shanta Kamta & Nalin Bhargava Award for Best PG in Micro (April passout) (since 2009).
17. Professor Dr Suneeta Mittal Medal for Best PG in O&G (April passout) (from 2010 for 10 years).
18. Prof.(Dr) Pushpa Madan memorial Medal for best Post Graduate All Rounder student in Obs and Gynae
19. Shri Mohan Lal Grover Memorial Medal for best Undergraduate in Physiology
20. Dr Leela G Keswani Oration Award
August 2011 - Dec 2015 @Rs 1500/- per month
S.No. Scholarships
1. Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma Scholarship 3 lacs(running * scholarship)
2. Dr Nirmal Aggarwal Scholarship -1 donation 3 lacs (running* scholorship)
3. Dr Nirmal Aggarwal Scholarship-2 donation 3 lacs (running* scholorship)
4. Dr Kusum Bakshi donation 1 lac (one student scholarship for four and half years)
August 2012 - Dec 2016 @Rs 1500/- per month
S.No. Scholarships
1. Dr Sudesh Kataria donation 3 lacs (running* scholorship)
2. Dr S D Behl donation 1 lac (one student scholarship for four and half years)
August 2013 - Dec 2017 @Rs 1500/- per month
S.No. Scholarships
1. Dr Savita Mittal donation 1 lac (one student scholarship for four and half years)
*running scholarship means that after one student avails of the scholarship for four and a half yrs, the next student will be selected.
2. Dr S D Behl donation 1 lac (one student scholarship for four and half years)
New Scholarships started in 2015-16
S.No. Scholarships
1. Mr Mahavir Prasad Sharma and Mrs Shanti Sharma award (Dr Asha Sharma Mishra donated $5100 through North America Alumni Association) one student scholarship* running)
2. Dr. Sita Sinclair donated 6 lakh rupees towards two running* scholarships this year.
3. Dr. Renu Chokkra,(1989 batch) Rs. 1 lac contribution towards M.D. Anaesthesia topper
New Award
Dr Elleen Saraswati Chaube Majumdar award by Supriyo K Majumdar (Dr Preeta Trehan donated Rs 25 Lakh ). The award will be given to the student who tops final professional MBBS examination. This will be instituted from student who topped the exam in Dec 2014